Creating office designs for the banking, retail, manufacturing, real estate, IT & business markets

BBE has a 70 year track record for quality office design in all areas of the corporate marketplace.

Most office designers are naturally in the corporate market arena, but not all corporate is one size fits all.

Every area of corporate office design has unique design and workflow needs to ensure productivity, proper ergonomics, comfort and collaboration, which are key to successful installations. With more than 70 years of experience in the corporate arena, we’ve designed it all:

  • private and open office spaces
  • cubicle clusters
  • break rooms
  • conference rooms
  • corporate lounges
  • mothers’ rooms
  • training rooms
  • reception areas

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and live forever. We’re on the cutting edge of change when it occurs. Recently, we’ve responded to the needs this pandemic has created by establishing isolation rooms for individuals not feeling well, so that testing can take place.

Our experienced team collaborates with office and operations managers, purchasing, furniture specialists and facilities management to establish and understand each department’s distinct goals, including productivity; safety; reuse when needs change; ease of sanitation for longevity and affordable solutions.

When departmental goals and objectives are addressed in the specification phase, the space and office furniture functions for everyone involved.


BBE addresses the following priorities expressed most often by our corporate clients.


We track design trends from cubicle clusters to open offices and conference rooms.


We provide budgeting advice so partners can budget for upcoming capital projects.


We understand office flow to ensure the highest productivity levels.


As technology changes, BBE innovates to adapt our solutions.


Our designs promote collaboration and a strong culture.


We assist and manage departmental moves and furniture reconfiguration.

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