Creating office designs for hospitals, cancer centers, outpatient/urgent care & private practice groups 

BBE has over 30 years of experience in office design for the healthcare marketplace.

It takes a team with years of experience to create specialized environments for the healthcare industry. It also takes constant research and training to keep up with the trends in this arena because healthcare is always evolving, especially due to emerging technologies. Last year, COVID-19 changed the health care industry for the long-term.

Entering a hospital or healthcare center is often intimidating for a patient and their families. We understand how to design spaces that are inviting, warm, welcoming and comfortable. Cleaning, sanitation, environmental issues and durability is equally important.

At BBE Office Interiors we understand the nuances. For instance, we know that the priorities of a hospital or cancer center are different than those of outpatient centers, and urgent care and private practices are more focused on best value for office design because they don’t have to invest as heavily in high traffic products as hospitals.

We’ve designed office space for the following areas:

  • waiting, exam rooms and administration offices
  • hospital and cancer centers patient rooms
  • emergency care areas and laboratories
  • infusion and phlebotomy areas
  • nursing stations, staff break areas, cafeteria and food service
  • OR and PACU, radiology, ICU/CCU
  • pediatric and maternity areas
  • psychiatric inpatient and outpatient areas

Our specialized team collaborates with engineering, facilities and planning, purchasing, material management, environmental services and directors of departments to understand their individualized goals which could include — quality products for high traffic areas; reconfiguration when needs change; ease of sanitation for longevity; client and staff comfort; storage and inventory management and affordable budgets.



We design warm, comfortable, safe spaces to promote healing.


We provide budgeting advice so partners can budget for upcoming capital projects


We work with vendors on buying contracts to offer best pricing.


As technology changes, we adapt our solutions to your needs.


We specify furniture for high traffic areas, usage, cleanability & design.


We assist and manage departmental moves and furniture reconfiguration.

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  • Focused on Families
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